Monday, October 15, 2012

Blogs I Adore

 And why!

   Bleubird Vintage
An adorable family, with style, personality, and a love for all things handmade and vintage. What's not to adore?! This mama bird inspires me with her heart full of love and creativity.
     Hannah and Landon
Beautiful people taking beautiful photos, of their beautiful life! This bloggin gal has style, and quite the eye, and has quite a few photos of her cat (which you know I love!)
     The Pineneedle Collective
Annika Victoria not only shares a name with me, but her passion for thrifting, diy, and hair dying keep me browsing her site for hours! She has great DIY apparel tutorials, including one on a pretty swell printed pair of tights.

     Annie's Eats
Every recipe I have ever made from this mouth watering blog has been delicious, to say the least! She understands presentation, taste, and variation more than most food bloggers. From The Nightmare Before Christmas cookie, to these adorable heart shaped cheese raviolis, Annie adds a little spark to the fires in my kitchen!
     Scathingly Brilliant
Kate Gabrielle not only sells her adorable illustrations on Etsy, but she sews, cooks, loves her cats, and has quite the adorable bedroom walls! For floral prints, pastels, big bows, and Flapper Doodle pendants, Kate is the Gal to see.

    Pancake Pancake Pancake!
Natasha Allegri gets to work with Pendleton Ward, one amazing dude, but turns out she is actually one cool chick herself! Her illustrations range from comics about her cat Pancake, to sexy ladies kissing, and even to silly renditions of the characters from Bob's Burgers (among many other cartoons I love). She seems to respond to her fans, with the occasional drawing directed towards a question or two, and I'd hang anything she draws on my wall any day!
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