Thursday, April 4, 2013

Crafty Craving

 I've decided to revisit candle making in a much more detailed way. Here are the steps it takes to create a smooth, soy, bubble free candle that burns evenly. Each time I do this I get better, but it is so simple anyone with these few ingredients and a double boiler can do it at home as well! 

 For the Candles:
Containers that are heat resistant, Crayons for color, soy wax, any scent of essential oil, sticks for poking, zinc core wicks, and wick tabs.
A double boiler, candy thermometer, hot glue gun, and glue sticks.

 Last time I made candles I poured it all in one step, and when it burned it was full of air pockets, that create a less smooth looking candle. This time I did a few more things in between pours to assure a smooth, bubble free candle.
 Use hot glue to stick your wick tabs to the bottom of the containers. In a double boiler heat your wax with a crayon of your choice, and 15- 20 drops of essential oil, until it reaches 160 degrees.
 Pour 3/4 of the way full, unless you plan on doing multiple layers of colors.

 As it cools, the candles will become cloudy, before they are completely solid poke holes in the tops of them about a half inch down. Then fill the holes with more of your wax mixture, and fill the containers to the top.
 Cut your wicks!


  1. nice! i have been wanting to mess with the candle making, maybe i will. where can i get good fragrance? <3 erica

    1. It is super simple, just be sure to use a double boiler! I use any all natural essential oil I can find, and enjoy the scent of. Here in Austin I go to my local large grocery store, or Whole Foods to get some great ones!